Department of Information Technology

National Institute of Technology - Karnataka

     Our team consist of highly motivated and research oriented people who believes in the betterment of the technology. Our research interest includes - Data Mining, Web Services, Semantic Web and Distributed Computing Systems. The abstract of the research done so far in these areas can be easily found bellow.

Data Mining

     Our research group's goal is to develop methods and algorithms for data mining that are based on well-founded algorithmic principles. We work on every step of this process: analyzing the computational complexity and other properties of the problem, developing algorithms that work in practice based on the theoretical understanding, and applying these algorithms to real-world problems.

     Huge data beat better algorithms. Taking this our motto, our group's long-term objective is not just limited with the fore-mentioned topics and activities, and also includes methodology for knowledge discovery: collecting, organizing, searching, exploring, and ranking facts from structured, semi-structured, and textual information sources. Our approach combines concepts, models, and algorithms from several fields, including database systems, information retrieval, statistical learning, and data mining.

     Some of our current activities are as follows
  • To develop new data mining techniques, and to improve upon existing techniques for data parallel process.
  • To build data mining tools (both generic and industry-specific ones) that can be readily used by industry users.

Web Services & Semantic Web

     Our Mission is towards enabling an Intelligent, Interoperable Next Generation Web.

     One of core focus areas of the Data Science and Engineering Group (DSEG) at the Department of Information Technology, NITK Surathkal is - semantic technologies such as Intelligent Web services and the Semantic Web, with an aim to contribute to the ongoing efforts towards the Next Generation Web. Our work is related to many research and application fields of computer science and information technologe, such as knowledge engineering, semantic web and web services, natural language processing, and information retrieval. Through research and publications, we demonstrate the new possibilities of semantic technologies, in Web data and services, in Pervasive Computing and Natural Language Processing and the Internet of Things.

     Our work in the area of Intelligent Broker based Web service selection & composition and Intelligent Location Based Service Discovery; and one more work is currently in progress, focusing in the area of Semantics based Distributed Web Service Discovery. Other interesting projects include semantics based intelligent information retrieval, semantic search engines and knowledge based question-answering systems. Currently, more than 30 publications have resulted based on team members research work, 8 of these in peer-reviewed journals and 23 in reputed conferences in India and abroad.

Distributed Computing

     We explore the issues and performance of next generation of distributed system. our current focus is on smart objects and smart spaces interaction and resource sharing among different entites for parallel computation. The objective of this group includes knowledge extraction from contextual information and reason on it.

     The research areas of the Distributed Systems group consists of the wide fields in models and concepts for distributed computations, pervasive computing, Internet of Things, sensor networks, smart objects and smart spaces, interaction between smart applications using an uniform semantic framework and trust concepts.